About Us

In a world full of entities that feed on flashlights and unabashed attention, Zebein flaunts an attitude that is enviably secure in its minimalism. Like a good book that holds all that is valuable between its covers, Zebein makes sure that its refined designs allow the real substance in you shine. Nurturing an eternal love for fabric and comfort, Zebein creates styles that demonstrate our love for effortlessness, and empower you with a functional range of clothing. All this enables you to sport your confidence and set just the right mood for any occasion.

Thus, conceived with an idea of being true to oneself and being comfortable in one’s skin, Zebein proudly works with fabrics that are sustainable and comforting. Zebein also focusses on accentuating silhouettes that are elegant and poised.

With a motive to bring utility to the world of Indian and Fusion Fashion Industry, Zebein crafts fashion that is sustainable, functional, enviable and empowering.

While pockets are small attachments to garments, the hype around them is massive. From sexism and politics, to fashion, consumerism and global economy; there is a wide range of issues that pockets, or the lack of them, have come to represent. This is mostly because the evolution of this seemingly tiny adjustment has been restricted to men’s clothes. Women, on the other hand, had to restore to creative ways to make their garments functional (remember seeing your granny tucking a tiny ‘batwa’ in her blouse?). This practice however, is being ferociously challenged by modern designers that are adding pockets to all kinds of women’s clothes and helping them consider bags as an optional accessory rather, than a necessary (and expensive!) evil.

Zebein is a manifestation of this idea, logical to some, and radical to others. However, we firmly stand with women who wish to add functionality to their lives and create clothes that empower them with pockets – keeping their hands free to work, enjoy and indulge their sense of touch.