Linen all the way!

With longer, warmer and brighter days round the corner, it’s becoming inevitable to revamp your summer wardrobe. As website starts to overflow with summer fabric trends, women are quick to get inspired to bring in the freshness of summer in their daily wear, however, when it comes to men, they just know one hack; stuff their shelves with white cotton shirts and blue jeans spending rest of the summer in comfort zone. But what if we tell you that there is more than comfort that solves the summer clothing woe? Welcome to the world of linen!

Ryan – Linen Men’s Shirt Navy Blue

We know fast fashion fads compels us to reuse our clothes for as long as it’s possible, but as the summer sun starts to heat up the temperatures, only new clothes will help you beat the inevitable sun-stokes.

Ryan – Linen Men’s Shirt Beige Pink

Luckily, linen is coming back to style again and the good news is that the come-back is redefining men’s fashion like never before. With new silhouettes in pants and shirts, we can say for sure the trend is here to stay despite changes in shapes, cuts, lengths and colors, linen fabric surprisingly loses its popularity. Opting for classic styles in this timeless fabric means you can future-proof your wardrobe, as well as feeling ready for the new season.

Betty – Linen Sleeveless Top Black

Diane- Linen Jackets Off White

So, what’s the buzz about people falling in love with linen? Yes, its heat-resistent, softer than cotton, feels like muslin and looks like harmony inside-out, but we have discovered more. What makes a summer fabric summer-worthy has a lot to do with these 6 points and we tell you that linen has got it all. To know them read on these factors worth considering before investing in your new summer wardrobe.

  1. Thermo regulatory – Linen is like the most available committed partner on the block one can wish for. Its sticks with you through all seasons. Linen is thermo regulatory; meaning when it summer it becomes heat absorbent leaving you feel cool and calm and as the winter chills sends chills down your spine, it warms your skin like a compassionate hug!
  2. Rigidity and strength: If you have been wondering how the pharaohs have been slaying their enemies, its linen! Linen was Egypt’s most commonly worn fabric and the reason was the rigidity and strength linen lent. To beat the extreme dessert heat pharaohs wrapped themselves up in white linen making it a royal fabric.
  3. Anti-bacterial: Linen is a natural fabric made out of flax plant. The property of any plant based fabric is that it absorbs heat naturally preventing any bacterial infestation breeding under sweat. It absorbs sweat from your skin directly leaving your skin easy-breezy so that you can jog the day!
  4. Exclusivity: Flax production is sustainable due to minimal cultivation process. Flax plantation doesn’t require acres of land or effective irrigation; therefore, designers have been obsessed with linen fabric. Linen’s eco-friendly property makes it one of the exclusive fabrics, yet cheaper to resource than cotton.
  5. Uptown funk: If you’re someone who doesn’t like to fit into the strict fashion army cadre, linen is your shining armour. Linen allows your unique style to enter your urban monk personality. It’s a head turner for simplicity, comfort and style!
  6. Awareness: One of the many reasons why linen is so popular among the youth, especially, the ones who care about the future of this dying planet, is the sustainability and bio-degradability it offers with its presence. Linen is an inspiration for a whole generation hell-bent on making earth a better place for living.

Emma – Linen Shirt With Ruffled Sleeves Blue

Emma – Linen Shirt With Ruffled Sleeves Pink

We won’t bluff by saying that this is an ever-ending list. The more you dig into linen, there’s only treasure that you shall find. We hope we could inspire men out there who are looking to make conscious shifts in their clothing and dressing. To check out our linen wonders, our newest collection for this season is worth a look.

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