Fab Outfit Ideas to make your Work from Home days exciting!

The Covid19 outbreak has driven the planet into hibernation. The world as a whole is locked down, and people are forced to remain in their homes. But as they say, the party never stops and neither do our work.

To all those margaritas who’re figuring out what to do in these unprecedented circumstances. Zebein has a perfect solution to amp up your days–a pocket-size guide to fill you with WFH outfit ideas. The purpose behind work from home outfits is to make you feel comfy yet active. It’s essential to have a bit of agility in your outfits. Otherwise, you could feel lethargic at times while working, and that’s what no one wants. Here are a few fantastic outfit ideas to make you sail the day with flying colours.

1. Wear cotton: As summer has just stepped in and you certainly don’t want to sweat while sitting for long hours on your desk. Wear a bright coloured cotton kurta along with white palazzo to get those formal yet chilled vibes. https://zebeinindia.com/product/blue-kurta/

2. Comfort is the name of the game, but what if you feel like posting a selfie story on IG with #WFH. Don’t worry! We gotch your back. A linen dress is what’s going to skyrocket your look and lets you swirl around your place like a butterfly. Check out this soothing Pink linen dress by Zebein to put a period to your fashion hunt. https://zebeinindia.com/product/rhodendron-dress/

3. Colourful Tops: Why not breathe a little more life into your working-from-home wardrobe by choosing a bright and colourful top instead of a black or white one? Watch out our glitzy glammy top for some inspirations. https://zebeinindia.com/product/blooming-rose-peplum-top/

4. You don’t want to be caught on a video conference call in a vintage T-shirt you slept in for the past five days. Keep it simple with a classic ivory beige kurta to pair with everything from jeans to track pants. https://zebeinindia.com/product/seashell-kurta/

5. Pockets and Pastels: Weaving its magic is the pastel-coloured pocket dress, an epitome of comfort and chic. Get experimental with your WFH outfits. Click the link to get fashion motivated. https://zebeinindia.com/product/buttercup-sea-green/

Tag us your Work from Home fashion Ideas and let the world know how cool it could be working from home.

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