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Have You Jumped On The Travel Fashion Bandwagon Yet

Our Instagram feeds nowadays are bombarded with celebrities sharing their perfect airport looks, making us feel clumsy in our comfortable outfits. Envious of their perfect appearances, we often tend to forget that most of the times they freshen up after landing, change and apple fresh make-up, just because they anticipate being papped! Some even go to the extent of always flying with a make-up artist, so that they don’t mess their airport looks. We however, can not afford such luxuries. Nevertheless, there are some basic tips we can practice to look good after long flights and choosing the right outfit is the start.
But before that, let us understand travel fashion a little better.

Travel fashion was hardly a thing till the nineteenth century. People traveling to places relied on whatever garments they possessed. However, with the advent of fast fashion and mass production, more people can afford garments that are designed for one-time use.

What is travel fashion
Simply put, travel fashion is the fashion you own and show off during your travels. Thanks to Instagram, fashion has become an integral part of travel, whether it is for vacation or a business trip. Documenting each leg of the journey is necessary for the digital presence and looking the best in the trendiest, latest outfit is essential. As they say, booking a trip is only half of the battle. Choosing an outfit for each day depending upon the place of visit is equally important.

Many a times, travellers also choose to wear local outfits to be one with the locals and experience their traditions and cultures. From wearing dirndls for Oktoberfest in Germany to kimonos in Japan, dressing as the locals are the latest travel fashion trend.

Importance of comfort in travel fashion
We all want that perfect picture in our favourite outfit and wish to wear elaborate and picturesque outfits while visiting forts, beaches and other such places. However, one needs to consider the ease, or the lack of it, of carrying them in all those places. It is thus important to understand that these perfect pictures only come out after planned and designed photo shoots, and not through organic travelling. It should thus be kept in mind that traveling is taxing as you may have to walk to get to the nearest attraction or climb forts to get that Instagram perfect shot. Hence it is important to wear outfits that are comfortable, especially when you are using in public transport or walking long distances to catch that breath-taking glimpse of nature.

Nevertheless, though we keep saying comfort is of utmost importance, you do not want to end up having photos in the same outfit throughout the trip. Right styling is the key. Layer your outfits and you’ll be surprised at how many different combinations you can put together. Use scarves and sarongs to keep your style looking fresh while adding a dash of colour to neutral coloured outfits. Use a hat, cap or bandana to add style and protect yourself against the harsh sunlight. You can also wear an embroidered vest over a dress to add oomph.

Choosing an airport fashion
Gone are the days when commuting was just something to slog through on the way to wherever you were going. It is time to embrace the airport fashion as dearly as one would on reaching the destination.

So, what should be the do’s and don’ts of airport fashion?
Comfort is the key for airport appropriate outfit that is cosy and chic. Joggers, leggings and chic sweatpants are some of the go-to bottom wear which help your legs breathe in the cramped leg space of a flight. An oversized t-shirt or hoodie will not only help you be comfortable but also keep you warm. Also, choose slip-ons as they are easy to remove and wear during security check and in flight. Don’t forget a trendy carry-on bag to match your outfit for placing your go-to essentials, wallet, and passport.

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