Pockets Can Be Festive Too!

Picture this: You have carefully styled your hair, threaded it with soft blossoms. Then, after the shimmering make-up has settled, you carefully pull on the sharara and settle the long flowing dupatta across your shoulder and waist. Finally, the delicate jhumkas frame your face and bangles clink on your graceful wrists. Picture the beautiful vision created with all this effort, and then imagine it being entirely disarrayed by having to carry a dull brown tote bag because no one thought to add pockets to yards of fabric that make up traditional Indian outfits!

The uses of pockets are endless in general. Still, during the festive season, they make for precious assets to anyone’s clothing. You need your hands free for any event to hold an aarthi tray, a sparkler, or dandiya sticks. Instead of ruffling through flaps and pouches for your phone to capture the precious moments in motion, slip it right out of a simple pocket in your lehenga. The pretty outfits of our culture need not be just that, they can also be functional and freeing. And besides, where will you keep all the money you get from your elders’ purses if you don’t have pockets?

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