The Power Ooof Power Dressing

While on the quest to be the best version of ourselves, the most important lesson to remember is that we can achieve nothing if we do not look the part!
Dressing well and looking the part are half the battle won. And this is exactly what power dressing is!
It works because our impressions are formed within the first few seconds of meeting a new person. Imagine the repercussion of not looking our best and its long-term impact.
But like every other aspect in fashion, power dressing too has evolved over the time. Gone are the dress when power dressing just meant crisp tailored business suits and high heels. For us in India, it inadvertently meant wearing sarees. Gladly, in current times, it hardly matters what women wear to work as long as we carry ourselves well. This has paved way for a proud display of individual styles and being comfortable in them. And this is exactly what we, at Zebein, stand for!

What is power dressing?
The term power dressing was formed in the latter half of the 1970s and it was all about a fashion style that enabled women to establish their authority in a professional space, which was traditionally dominated by men. In earlier times, power dressing consisted of matching male wardrobe like tailored suits, jackets with padded shoulders, roll-neck sweaters, etc.

Why is power dressing not limited to suits, blazers and saris anymore?
Thanks to the evolution in professionalism, power dressing is no longer limited to only suits, blazers and saris but is about smart dressing that helps ascertain one’s authority and put up a good impression.
It’s showcasing a woman’s real personality through her sense of style and which reminds her of her mission to achieve, professionally.

Power dressing results in a Good first impression
Think about your principal in school or a business tycoon. What is it that makes them special other than their position? Their dressing! Power dressing means authority, which in turn makes you respect the person who is in command.

Individual styles and power dressing
Individual power dressing is super important, especially when you are trying to get noticed or are due for promotion. Other factors like coordinated footwear, subtle makeup and smart accessories are as important as the outfit itself. But most important to remember is that all efforts would come to naught if a woman is not well-groomed. A well-groomed personality works as a good canvas on which an outfit, make-up and accessories come out best.

Dressing right
Some more pointers to keep in mind no matter what outfit you choose are:

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