5 linens gems to add to your summer wardrobe

We doubt that your idea of a fun summer includes sweaty arms under heavy clothes all day long. You may think that cotton and nylon fabrics in your wardrobe will save you from the humidity interfering with your ability to breathe when the scorching heat is beating down your head. We are sure you can rock a chic flannel outfit in the peak of summer even or your favourite summer eye-shadow, however, in no time when your body heats up under summer sun you wished you’d opted a fabric that kept your look intact hours apart.

Let us introduce you to the sunny-side up of fabrics that will rock your summer. Let us introduce you the unsung hero of summer, linen. Linen is a fabric made out of flax plants. You must have heard your dermatologist prescribing you to eat flax seeds to calm down your anxiety. Yes, the same flax plant also produces fabric which is here to leave a refreshing coolness in the wake. Linen is a skin-friendly fabric that quickly absorbs moisture against your skin in order for it to breathe through the clothes. If you love the idea of linen for all the balmy days ahead, but don’t know how to work it, we recommend you to take a look at these 5 picks from our latest collection ‘everyday every time’ to get inspired.

Mimosa –Short Kaftan Top Beige Pink

We all have had those days when you are perfectly dolled-up, yet you wish you were feeling more comfortable in your dress to spend the better part of your sunny day! Add this Mimosa-Short Kaftan Top Beige Pink Linen pants to your summer wardrobe to create magic. The Kaftan is tailored with a V neck, straight cut and deep pockets. Look no further than this breathable, durable and long-lasting linen dress for a comfortable and stylish summer. Click here to add this to your cart!


We agree that a polished blazer and a pair of your favourite stilettos can skyrocket your confidence the way only tequila shots can! Now imagine to get your hands on a gorgeous power-blazer made of comfort and pleasant vibes, yes this is exactly what our Merilyn-linen slip dress beige / stripes is made of. Add this unique piece to turn heads at special occasions, family dinners, or daily casual wear. This tier long linen dress features adjustable straps that will help finding perfect length, and decorative delicate embroidery.


If you are a fan of breezy ethnic-wears, you cannot give this Maya- linen tapered pants green Kurta a miss. With a host of options, silhouettes, colours and kurta cut, this pick is as reliable and sustainable as it gets. This beautifully seaweed green linen kurta also has two big pockets so that you can walk care-free into the summer breeze.


The thing about tapered kurta pants is that the silhouettes are naturally flowy, comfy and effortlessly stylish. Bring this linen delight to wear during the hotter months of the calendar and you won’t regret it! To add a contemporary fashion appeal to your kurta we suggest you choose your footwear in steel grey, black of beige depending on your mood. To add this to your cart, click here.


If you have been looking to flatter your legs to beat the heat, trust us and get yourself some lien shorts. The cinched waist and free-flowing body of our Bobby – linen shorts off-white make this piece an extremely valuable investment for a summer retreat, or even casual coffee date outfit. And obviously the fabric of linen takes the comfort factor of this silhouette several notches up!

Now that that the sweet summer secret is revealed, we hope to inspire you to treasure all that linen has to offer. Subscribe to our blogs to keep updating yourself about the more treasure hunt. Visit zebein.com to see if you have already found the treasure you’re looking for!

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